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The n+I network


The n+I network is designed for students or young engineers with a minimum qualification in engineering of Bachelor or licence level (BTech, BEng, BSc, BPhil, Licienciatura, etc. or equivalent).

The purpose of this program is to prepare future engineers for an international career.

Study engineering overseas
Studying or working abroad has become an imperative part of the curriculum for engineering students in France, and placements in New Zealand research institutes and universities are highly valued.

Being part of the n+i network allows NZ institutions to attract French engineering graduates from all fields of engineering: from mechanical to civil, through to telecommunications, computer, electrical, industrial, biotechnology, agricultural, and environmental engineering, etc.

Study engineering in France
The n+I network has also designed a special programme (track to success) to help students and young professionals who graduate in Engineering or Sciences to complete their top training in France with a Masters, and eventually a Doctorate. Irrespective of whether a cooperation agreement has been signed by their home institution, the n+i network allows engineering students to register on the n+i website where affiliated universities and research institutes can propose study programmes and/or internships.

For further information please visit www.nplusi.com

Dernière modification : 08/04/2013

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